Friday, May 29, 2009

AC 180: The De-Douching of Anderson Cooper

From the outpouring of emails, IMs and text messages from my gay constituents, and I don't mean gay in any pejorative way, I mean the people who read this blog who play tummy sticks or scissors sisters, I am doing a 180 on Anderson Cooper.'s true that they threatened to cancel my fundraiser. But, that's not why I'm going the other way here. Something happened last night when that Anderson was not there to host AC 360...I felt a little sad. I swallowed 3 perks, after 2 beers and wrote this:

O silver fox
With steely eyes painted blue
The guy with forehead wrinkles?
Yeah he's got those too!

I wonder if you'd be so kind
To allow a drunken mustache to rewind
And taken back the "fact" I said you're a douche
As to not offend my friends who are poufs

Now that I think of it
O how they're right
Anderson-mustache sandwich?
Let the fellas have a bite

Or nibble, or tickle or two
There ain't no AC 360 without a silver fox like you

Hoping for funds,

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