Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Trip To The Zoo

It was hot as all get out yesterday in NYC. Waking up, hung over on Night Train was a low feeling man. I went to the corner store for a pack of apple tops and saw Sully the Lab. Now normally, I don't mess with him cause he's one of those village freaks. You'll see him scamper round with a roach clip on his nuts, no wiser to the world.

Anyhow, Sully was all zooted up, substances unknown. He was on 36th & 10th ranting that he was going to the Zoo to take the fucker down. Seeing as I had no real plans for the day, I busted uptown with him. Some poor bastard on the train puked from the smell of Sully pinching a hot deuce when we crossed Simpson Street on the 5 train.

The danger in Sully's veins turned weird on him when we passed by the monkey farm at the Zoo. Straight away, he was randy. A moment later, the fucker jumped the tiger perserve fence and gave a sucker a good punching. Was planning to post video but the cops smashed my gear and gave Sully the ass kicking of a lifetime.

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