Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm Your Litter Box

Stick me through with black boots.
Pull my stache, make me mad.
Let me wash you delicates.
Any of you get high with that chick who sings Rehab?
( I did)

I wonder where oh wonder me.
I wonder where the pussycats pees?
Do they all use the same litte sandy spot?
C'mere little pussycat.
Let me be your litter box.

Settle in nice.
Dig your claws in deep.
I'll lay here quiet.
Underneath your sheep.
Or goat.
Or lamb.
Or little lady part.

I'm your litter box baby.
I won't tell Perez who rips the worst fart...

Unless there is coke or weed in it.

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