Thursday, July 23, 2009


Nothing like being famous. Yes my home movie with JO has got the whole world talking. Yes, I'm making tons of dough selling shirts to pimps and hookers. I'm always in weed and shrooms, so nothings changed there.

The biggest thing since the Will Ferrell begged me to release my shit on Funny or Die is that Jessica Biel took me out her boat. I was all excited because she left me some voicemail last night where I swear she said "come out on my boat tomorrow, we'll do some fisting". Turns out she uses that shit At&t service and we fished all morning.

No worries. I "prepped" myself to a fisting montage and am still angling to hook a snapper. Enjoy a photo from our day out.

I'm better than you, a-ha

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