Monday, July 6, 2009


I got a stern email from a woman named Suzie Fetterstein. Apparently, she suffers from some kind of mustachiophobic complex. I forwarded her my shrink's info, Dr. Sucio Sanchez. I hope she finds the help she needs.

Here is a bit of her rant:

"...How dare you!! You are filthy bastard! ALL MUSTACHES ARE EVIL!! And you, you're the worst of them all!! Rock n' soul???!?!? The devil's kitchen I say! I'm personally building a stockpile of razorblades to remove your blight from the face of the world. Of course, now that John Oates is clean-shaven, he can thankfully be spared. In closing, fuck you and your kind!!"

This letters shows the dangers of sexual repression and an overall lack of weed in the bloodstream. Can we find love? Can we get together? All we are saying...Suze..., is give peace a chance!

Summer of Love,

Post script: Yes of course I put a flaming bag of dogshit of Suze's doorstep. One tab of acid doesn't make you a hippie.

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