Friday, May 15, 2009


So. I'm just talking about people giving me my due man. I need my ends. Whoever runs Brooklyn Vegan and Sterogum, please know that I accept PayPal at

In 1986, I started a fax based new music newsletter called "I FIND HITS, HOOKERS". The cops claimed it was a front for a dial-in based weed delivery service but that has never been proven. Whatever. In the weeks to come, I'll post some newsletters as evidence of my A&R skills and the overall bad-ass nature of "I FIND HITS, HOOKERS".

We're talking cutting edge shit hefe. A tiny taste of the bands I was first on: Nirvana, Pearl Jam, MC Hammer (I needed the money), Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, REM.

"I FIND HITS, HOOKERS" birthed the entire music blog douche movement. Arcade Fire?? Claps Your Hands Whatever? VAMPIRE WEEKEND???? You owe me too.

Solid pimp-hand out,

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