Friday, May 8, 2009

We Are The World: The After Party

First off, why the fuck didn't me and Oatesie get a solo on this goofy track? Whatever, I'm not getting into it now.

I'm here to spill beans bitches.

So the after party, we were the world, and by that I mean we had an AROUND THE WORLD ON CINDI LAUPER.

Me and Huey Lewis with some help from Al Jarreau and The Kennys (Rogers & Loggins) got all types of twisted with Cindi. I don't remember how the nakedness started...but I do know I was the first to She-Bop.

Cindi is the real deal. She is NYC punk through and through. I'm down for a re-up so long as Loggins ain't around.

Still rock n' soul,

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